Wine MAC

The Victorian Government established a Wine Industry Ministerial Advisory Committee (Wine MAC) to advise the Hon. Jaala Pulford, Minister for Agriculture on opportunities for and issues affecting the long term performance and sustainability of the Victorian Wine Industry.

The Wine MAC forms part of the Victorian Government election commitment to support the Victorian wine industry, that also includes the Wine Industry Development Strategy and Wine Growth Fund.

The Wine MAC performs an essential role in assisting the Minister to support the Victorian wine industry, by providing specialist advice on key issues facing the industry, up to date industry insights, and strategic direction for the industry.

The Wine MAC advises on all agriculture and regional development related issues, such as research, development and extension, biosecurity, regional investment, skills and workforce, infrastructure, regulation, trade, tourism and environment.


The role of the Wine MAC is to provide advice and recommendations to the Minister. Members of the Wine MAC are expected to consider, represent and advise on the interests of the industry as a whole and not just the interests of their organisation and region.

The Wine MAC provides an opportunity for interaction between all parties with an interest in the industry including, grape growers, wine producers, industry group representatives, other individuals in the wine supply chain and government.

It provides a forum for stakeholders to be involved in identifying and discussing problems and where possible, developing and advising the Minister on possible solutions. It is important to note that the Wine MAC is an advisory body only and not a decision-making body.

The Wine MAC will also provide guidance for the delivery of the Wine Industry Development Strategy and Wine Growth Fund.

Please see the Terms of Reference for the Wine MAC for further details on the function and composition of the Wine MAC:


The Minister for Agriculture has appointed 13 members to the Wine MAC:

  • Mr Damian Sheehan representing Wine Victoria
  • Mr Chris Dent representing the Murray Valley Wine Growers Inc
  • Ms Natalie Pizzini representing the Victorian Food and Wine Tourism Council member
  • Mrs Kim Chalmers from Chalmers Wine Pty Ltd
  • Mr Leigh Devine from Timmering Wines
  • Mr John Harris from Mitchell Harris Wines
  • Miss Katherine Brown from Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyard
  • Mr Neil Burgess from Glenelg Shire Council
  • Dr Mark Krstic from the Australian Wine Research Institute
  • Ms Nikki Palun from Octtava Wines Pty Ltd
  • Mr Michael Dal Zotto from Dal Zotto Wines
  • Ms Kate McIntyre from Moorooduc Estate.

Future vacancies

When a vacancy arises, an Expression of Interest process will be undertaken to fill the vacancy by the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources. If you work in or have business interests in the wine industry or anywhere within the wine supply chain you are eligible to apply for membership on the Wine MAC. It is expected that applicants will have appropriate skills to contribute to the Wine MAC, which may include (but not limited to) wine making, grape growing, local government, research science, extension, wine trading, marketing, packaging, logistics and tourism.

Once appointed, all Members must complete a Declaration of Private Interests form each subsequent year and at times when their personal circumstances change.

Requirements of members

Wine MAC meetings are held 2 to 4 times per year. The initial term of the Wine MAC is three years. The timing of meetings will be determined by the Committee and depends on the nature of issues considered and outcomes required. In addition to meetings, members may be required to commit additional time for preparation and consultation with stakeholders and networks.

All members must work openly, cooperatively and effectively as part of a small, but diverse group committed to providing sound advice to the Minister. Members of the Wine MAC are required to participate in high level dialogue with relevant stakeholders on issues within the scope of the Wine MAC.

If eligible, the Chair and members are paid sitting fees in accordance with the provisions in the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s (DPC) Appointment and Remuneration Guidelines for Victorian Government Boards Statutory Bodies and Advisory Committees. Member’s reasonable travelling and other allowances are paid at the rates that apply for employees of the Department of Economic Development.