Stop the Spread

Removing unviable, infested vineyards, replanting on rootstocks resistant to phylloxera, or preventing the spread of the pest best achieves stopping the advance of phylloxera.

To support industry efforts to manage phylloxera, Agriculture Victoria has undertaken several measures, particularly in the area of communications, to reinforce awareness of the importance of vineyard biosecurity. The Phylloxera – Stop the Spread information kit is available that reinforces:

  • the importance of grape phylloxera management and awareness
  • the need to implement effective biosecurity standards and protocols.

The Yarra Valley Wine Growers Association launched the Phylloxera-Stop the Spread! biosecurity awareness campaign.  The campaign offers growers and industry members free information on how to implement best practice farm biosecurity measures to reduce the risk associated with the spread of phylloxera.

The Phylloxera Stop the Spread! campaign provides a valuable range of information tools on preventing the spread of phylloxera, including videos, Phylloxera pocket guide and fact sheets. Fact sheets include: Phylloxera – clean and disinfest Phylloxera – contractors and staff Phylloxera – managing vistors Phylloxera – my vineyard has phylloxera Phylloxera – planting material.

Translated versions of the fact sheets are available in Hindi, Khmer and Vietnamese.