Property ID Codes (PIC)

Property Identification Codes (PICs) are being progressively introduced to plant industries in Victoria. The viticulture industry was the first to be included in this initiative.

PICs will assist Agriculture Victoria to respond to plant pest and disease outbreaks, so that industries are informed earlier and disruption to trade is minimised.

If you grow 0.5 hectares or more of grapevines within Victoria, you are required by law (Plant Biosecurity Act 2010) to apply for a PIC from Agriculture Victoria.

Why should I have a plant PIC?

Plant PICs enable Agriculture Victoria to quickly alert producers of a plant pest or disease outbreak that may impact their business. This assists Agriculture Victoria, producers and industry to respond to plant pest and disease outbreaks more effectively and minimise disruptions to trade.

Agriculture Victoria will also provide advice on how to monitor your property for an outbreak, how to minimise its spread if detected, and any market access requirements affecting your business.

How can I apply for a PIC?

There is no cost to apply for or update a PIC.

To apply for a PIC you have three options:

  1. Apply online. You can also use the online service to update your existing PIC details if they have changed.
  2. Download one of the application forms.
  3. Contact the PIC Helpline on 1800 678 779 to have a form mailed or faxed to you.


What happens if my contact details change?

If your contact details change you must notify Agriculture Victoria within 30 days of the change(s), by completing and submitting an application form as described above.

Further information

For more information on applying for a plant PIC, please phone the PIC Helpline on 1800 678 779 between 9 am and 4.30 pm Monday – Friday.


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