Mornington Peninsula Rezoning Project – Growers Workshop Videos

Posted: May 29, 2018
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The Mornington Peninsula Rezoning Project is undertaking vineyard inspections across the wine growing region – in accordance with the requirements of the status upgrade procedures of the National Phylloxera Management Protocols – over three years to enable its gazettal as a Phylloxera Exclusion Zone (PEZ), and have the region recognised as such by industry and interstate trading partners.

Year 1 surveys for the Mornington Peninsula Rezoning Project began on 8 January 2018 and were completed on 21 March 2018. At the completion of the project, a total of 224 vineyards comprising 1029.46 hectares were successfully surveyed.

No phylloxera was detected during the vineyard survey program in any of the surveyed vineyards for the 2017/2018 period.

If the survey process continues to register a negative result for phylloxera detection in Years 2 and 3 and the survey program has shown to be effectively implemented (demonstrated through an audit), at the completion of the third year the project will be referred to Agriculture Victoria to validate the phylloxera-free status of the Mornington Peninsula.

The Victorian Government Gazette will then provide the official notification of the rezoning of the Mornington Peninsula as a PEZ.

For many growers operating in the region the transition from a PRZ to a PEZ will raise numerous questions concerning their new reporting requirements and legal obligations relating to the control area Order.

Mornington Peninsula Regional Phylloxera Forum

On Tuesday 8 May 2018, the Mornington Peninsula Regional Phylloxera Forum was held to inform local producers of the long-term benefits and value of rezoning the Mornington Peninsula from a PRZ to a PEZ. The forum aimed to increase awareness of the biosecurity requirements required by industry operating in a PEZ environment, built awareness of reporting requirements for potential breaches of PEZ requirements and phylloxera infestations, and increased awareness by growers and businesses of how to access certification requirements and support.

Speakers on the day included:

Tyson Lewis, MPVA Technical Committee Chairman

Tim Burge Project Officer, Chief Plant Health Officer Unit, Biosecurity and Agriculture Services – Agriculture Victoria spoke about the rezoning project.

Daniel Mansell, Senior Project Officer, Biosecurity and Agriculture Services – Agriculture Victoria spoke about managing the risks.

Tyson Lewis & Daniel Mansell spoke about common scenarios for movements in and out of a PEZ.

Paul Dennis, Senior Project – Engagement Biosecurity Branch, Agriculture Victoria spoke about the communications for the rezoning project

Dr Catherine Clarke Research Scientist – Entomology, Agriculture Victoria Research Division gave an update on the current research into phylloxera.

If you missed the forum, you have an opportunity to hear the talks given by each speaker.

Watch the videos.