International symposium on Xylella fastidiosa

​​Xylella fastidiosa is a pest of worldwide significance and has been identified as Australia’s number one National Priority Plant Pest. These plant pests and diseases are not present or established in Australia but pose a major threat to our agricultural and food production industries.

In May 2017, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resouces hosted an International Symposium on Xylella fastidiosa in Brisbane, Australia. The symposium was highly successful with 102 international delegates and speakers coming together over two days to share their experience and knowledge on how Australia can better prepare for the disease, and how Xylella incursions are managed overseas.

The symposium was funded by the department under the Stronger Biosecurity and Quarantine Initiative and the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper to support national plant preparedness, surveillance and analysis.


Symposium outcomes

​A report on the symposium has been published by the department. The report also provides key scientific information underpinning Xylella preparedness activities, its subspecies and genetic strains, and the management of the pathogen and its insect vectors overseas. The report also summarises the key learnings that emerged during the moderated conversations with participants, and from the diagnostics and surveillance workshop that was held as part of the symposium.


International Symposium on Xylella fastidiosa: Summary and Key Learnings PDF

International Symposium on Xylella fastidiosa: Summary and Key Learnings DOCX